Organizational Sociology

Vocational internship (BA Sociology)

In the vocational internship, students of the Bachelor's program in Sociology gain initial professional experience in a social science field of work. Alternatively, they can get to know scientific work in a sociological research project during the research internship.

The vocational internship is designed to give you an insight into the professional and working world of a social scientist and to provide opportunities to reflect on your own sociological skills. A variety of practical fields in which sociological thinking and action are applied are suitable for this purpose, for example

  • in companies,
  • in non-university market and social research,
  • in non-governmental organizations and associations
  • in journalism or public relations
  • in health care,
  • in trade unions or other interest groups
  • in administration or
  • in the arts and culture

You have a wide range of internship providers at your disposal - however, when making your choice, you should pay attention to the possibility of applying the skills and competences you have learned in your sociology studies.

For more information, please visit the vocational internship pages.

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